About Us

About Us

About Us

Futuraytec is the medical device manufacturer of indirect type a-Si based TFT X-ray detector of which the technology is new and highly advanced.

Provide low cost, high quality video equipment

Futuraytec ensures high quality medical image by adopting most suited TFT panel. Modularization of core parts ensures the economies of scale of production, effective quality and yield management and customers’ economic investment on the low cost with high quality product.

Improved reliability and durability

Futuraytec overcomes the technical limits of X-ray detectors which adopt conventional digital detector technologies of CCD, CMOS and direct method to indirect method detectors. Futuraytec applies unique indirect method technologies and enhances the functions of each part to be fit to TFT panel.

Accurate and fast image processing software

Futuraytec provides the acquisition software which ensures user’s convenience as well as image quality. The images acquired through detector are transferred and visualized within short time and the users can easily store, manage and transfer the data.